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Silent Generators
PBS Kerala is a team of consultants located in Cochin, India specializing in the field of sales and marketing, installation, commissioning and preventive maintenance of Diesel Generator sets.

Mostly, when generators are used, they create a sound that can be annoying for some. People might lose their concentration at work with a noisy generator in site. That is why we propose a quiet generator

A silent generator works just like a regular generator. The only difference is that it creates sound but not as noisy as that of the regular one. It is not as annoying and does not produce high levels of sounds. In a quiet generator, the noise is decreased with the help of methods and techniques that involves sound damping. The engines have different designs and housing materials so that it will create fewer vibrations and thus reduce the noise it can produce. The materials used are uniquely designed to avoid any loud whirling noise.

If you wish to have work, home and trip free from any disturbance, then consider using the silent generators of today. These tools will help you concentrate more, work efficiently, sleep well and enjoy your experience without any hassle form high levels of noise.

We are involved in distribution of silent generators, powered by the engines of world class companies like Cummins ,Volvo and Ashok Leyland many more. We also comply with the stringent CPCB norms while we are installing the generators. Our generators are very much suitable for basement, roof top installation and are very cost efficient. 

Some of the unique features of the silent generators include:

  • Proper structure for the silent generator for easier operation and maintenance
  • Low emissions with noise level
  • Foam coated structure, to reduce sounds

Renowned for their state of the art genset features, the units from the aforementioned companies will seamlessly kick-in to provide backup power when needed.
These mainstream generator models are designed primarily for industrial markets. They are built to last, with high strength, have low cost of ownership and have high efficiency engines that offer exceptional reliability for maximum uptime. Easy installation and country wide support are also reasons why most customers go for established players in the market. High quality with built-in reliability keeps the power production running.

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