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Portable Generators
PBS Kerala is a team of consultants located in Cochin, India specializing in the field of sales and marketing, installation, commissioning and preventive maintenance of Diesel Generator sets.

Anyone who has wished they had electricity when no power was available can appreciate the value of having a portable electric generator available for use. Whether the generator is merely a backup power supply to use in the event of an emergency power outage or the generator is used occasionally for convenience or recreation, portable electrical power is available in a number of different models and styles of generators. Some buyers may even rely on a portable electric generator to provide electricity to power tools they use daily in their trade or profession.

Some of the good reasons to consider the purchase of a portable electric generator:

  • Backup Household Electrical Power.
  • Power Backup for Small Businesses.
  • Electrical Supply for Work Site Contractors.
  • Electricity for Recreational Activities.

Be any reasons you have, we at PBS Kerala are in an enviable position to satisfy your requirements with portable generators.

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