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Now that you have decided to purchase a generator, there are several considerations you must keep in mind when choosing which unit to buy, where to install it and how to install it. Choosing the right machine is not difficult if you take the time to analyze your requirements carefully. You need to know a few terms and have a basic understanding of the different types of generator sets and their operating principles.
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You should have your equipment installed by an expert. Installation may require expert assistance and must adhere to local codes and regulations, not only to obey the law but to make sure you don't void your insurance by installing equipment illegally or without permits. We recommend that you have a contractor do your installation or, at the very least, have him provide professional advice.
Most homeowners or medium enterprise owners first think of portable generators rather than stationary generators. Portable generator for non-emergency times is a good alternative if your power requirements are not huge. It has been our experience that it is more economical and less hassle to purchase a stationary system and power the whole house or business if you have huge power requirements. Not only do you get more power for the rupee spent but your family and/or employees don't have to do anything to have emergency power.
The first determination you will need to make is whether you will require stand-by or prime power. Simply stated, prime power is required when you have no other source of power or you are using the system as you prime means of power. Any generator that is used every day or on a fixed schedule to provide power is considered a prime power generator. Another word for prime is "continuous.

A standby set is a backup to normal utility power. Standby units are used only when your utility power is not available and will not be used frequently. Many stand by generators run at 3600 RPM and are not designed for constant daily use. Another word for standby is "emergency".

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