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Acoustic Enclosures
PBS Kerala is a team of consultants located in Cochin, India specializing in the field of sales and marketing, installation, commissioning and preventive maintenance of Diesel Generator sets.

Acoustic enclosure is a generally accepted technical term, which is used to define a closed engineering structure, specifically designed and built for the purpose of reduction, minimization, or attenuation of the noise generated by particular types of equipment or machinery.

PBS Kerala gives you an option of protecting your diesel generator with sound proof acoustic enclosures. These enclosures provide an ideal working condition for the generators. The acoustic enclosures not only limit the generator from producing high decibels of sound, but they also protect the generator from general weather conditions.

Installation of an acoustic on site depends on a particular project, but in most cases it can be simply placed over the noise-generating source. the enclosure will be supplied as a single-piece fully-completed product or modular structure for quick and easy assembling on site.

These products use the most advanced technologies and innovative sound absorbing materials , which are capable of reducing noise pollution without compromising the efficiency of the machinery or equipment performance. Along with providing acoustic enclosures, we also offer services of noise control solution installation at a customer’s site by the professional and qualified personnel.

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